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Annotate Domain Classes

As of 0.10, you only have to annotate domain classes that you want to be multi-tenant. Any domain classes that you want to be shared, such as acegi Role/Requestmap can be left without the annotation.

import grails.plugin.multitenant.core.groovy.compiler.MultiTenant;

@MultiTenant class MyDomainClass {


Because the plugin hooks into the compiler, make sure to do a "grails clean" after you've annotated your classes. Eventually, we'd like to get rid of this step.

A note on indexing in multi-tenant environment

Indexing a multi-tenant database is a tricky beast. If you have large datasets (100MM-1BB), prepare yourself for some fun. Google multi-tenant databases and start reading. :)

The short of it is that it's probably most efficient to create multi-column indexes that always include tenantId, that way the db can limit the working set to a single tenant before it starts filtering on another field.