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String Queries

Query strings can be simple or complex:

  • "hello world" - matches searchable content containing both "hello" and "world"
  • "+type:fruit +(vitamins:c OR vitamins:b1) -color:green calories:[150 TO *]" - matches must have a "fruit" value for type, must have either "c" or "b1" values for vitamins, must not have "green" as a value for color and have a value of at least 150 for calories.
See Lucene's string query syntax for more examples.

Some characters are reserved by the query syntax, and can cause query parse exceptions if used incorrectly. To fix this you can provide the escape option:

// without "escape: true" would throw ParseException due to trailing " *""wireless projector *", escape: true)

By default escape is false but you can change the default to true globally with default method options.

Advanced String Query Options

As well as the advertised options, search methods additionally accept the following options when using String queries:

  • escape - If true escapes special query characters. Default is false
search("[this is a bad query]", escape: true)
// ==> same as "[this is a bad query]"
  • defaultProperty or defaultSearchProperty - The searchable property for un-prefixed terms. Cannot be used with the properties option. Default is "all"
search("tomato soup tags:recipie", defaultProperty: "name")
// ==> as if the query was "name:tomato name:soup tags:recipie"
  • properties - The names of the class properties in which to search. Cannot be used with the defaultProperty or defaultSearchProperty option. Default is all properties
search("Hawaii Five-O", properties: ["title", "desc"])
// ==> as if the query was "(desc:hawaii titles:hawaii) (desc:"five o" titles:"five o")"
  • defaultOperator - Either "and" or "or". Default is to defer to the global Compass setting, which is "and" if not otherwise set by you.
search("mango chutney", defaultOperator: "or")
// ==> as if the query was "mango OR chutney"
//     without the option it would be like "mango AND chutney"
  • analyzer - The name of a query analyzer. With Compass settings, you can define a new default with the name search and/or additional analyzers with new names. Default is "search"
search("cowboy john", analyzer: "special")
// ==> uses the analyzer configured for name "special"
  • parser or queryParser - The name of a query parser. With Compass settings, you can define a new default with the name default and/or additional parsers with new names. Default is "default"
search("european bob", parser: "custom_parser")
// ==> uses the query parser configured for name "custom_parser"