Package org.codehaus.groovy.grails.commons.metaclass

Interface Summary
ConstructorInterceptor Extends interceptor interface to allow interception of constructors
DynamicConstructor An interface that defines a dynamic constructor
DynamicMethodInvocation Dynamic method invocation callback interface.
DynamicMethods An interface that defines methods for a handling dynamic method, static method and property invocations
DynamicProperty A Dynamic class property getter interface
FunctionCallback Interface for code that returns a value based on an input object.
Interceptor Implementers of this interface can be registered in the ProxyMetaClass for notifications about method calls for objects managed by the ProxyMetaClass.
PropertyAccessInterceptor An interface that adds the ability to intercept property getters/setters
StaticMethodInvocation Static method invocation callback interface.

Class Summary
AbstractDynamicConstructor Abstract class that provides default implementation for isArgumentsMatch
AbstractDynamicMethods This class provides the base implementation responsible for performing dynamic method invocation such as the dynamic finders in GORM
AbstractDynamicMethodsInterceptor Implements an the Interceptor interface to add support for using ProxyMetaClass to define dynamic methods
AbstractDynamicProperty An abstract class for implementors of dynamic getters to implement
BeanBinding Extends Groovy's Binding Object to allow a binding to a particular bean where the properties of the Object become binding variables
ClosureInvokingDynamicMethod An implementation of DynamicMethodInvocation that invoces a closure
CreateDynamicMethod A dynamic static method that is a factory method for creating new instances eg.
DefaultDynamicMethods Simple concrete class implementation of AbstractDynamicMethods class
DynamicMethodsExpandoMetaClass This MetaClass extends ExpandoMetaClass and adds the ability to use regex to specified method matches that then get passed to the invocable closure.
GenericDynamicProperty A generic dyanmic property for any type
GroovyDynamicMethodsInterceptor class for dynamic methods applied to a Groovy object that registers itself with the GroovyObject instances meta class instance
LazyMetaPropertyMap A map implementation that reads an objects properties lazily using Groovy's MetaClass
ProxyMetaClass As subclass of MetaClass, ProxyMetaClass manages calls from Groovy Objects to POJOs.
WeakGenericDynamicProperty A generic dyanmic property for any type used a soft hashmap implementation for generic properties registered as global in the MetaClass

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