Package org.codehaus.groovy.grails.compiler.injection

Interface Summary
ClassInjector An interface that when implemented allows additional properties to be injected into Grails classes at compile time (ie when they are loaded by the GroovyClassLoader)
GrailsDomainClassInjector Mainly just a marker interface for implementations that perform injection on domain classes

Class Summary
DefaultGrailsDomainClassInjector Default implementation of domain class injector interface that adds the 'id' and 'version' properties and other previously boilerplate code
EntityASTTransformation An AST transformation that injects the necessary fields and behaviors into a domain class in order to make it a property GORM entity
GrailsASTUtils Helper methods for working with Groovy AST trees
GrailsAwareClassLoader A class loader that is aware of Groovy sources and injection operations
GrailsAwareInjectionOperation A Groovy compiler injection operation that uses a specified array of ClassInjector instances to attempt AST injection.
GrailsInjectionOperation A Groovy compiler operation that gets plugged into the GroovyClassLoader instance to add custom properties to classes at compile time

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