Package org.codehaus.groovy.grails.exceptions

Interface Summary
SourceCodeAware An interface that represents an exception that is capable of providing more information about the source code

Exception Summary
CompilationFailedException Thrown when a compilation error occurs.
DataSourceRequiredPropertyMissingException Thrown when a missing property on a Grails data source is missing.
GrailsDataSourceException Base exception for errors related to Grails data sources.
GrailsDomainException Occurs when creation of the Grails domain from the Grails domain classes fails
GrailsException Base class for all Grails exceptions that are not recoverable.
GrailsRuntimeException Generic global runtime exception
InvalidPropertyException Exception which is thrown when a property of a Grails class is invalidated.
MoreThanOneActiveDataSourceException Thrown when more than one active data source is configured.
NewInstanceCreationException Occurs when the creation of a new instance fails.
RequiredPropertyMissingException Thrown when a named property of a specific type is not present in a class.

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