Interface Summary
ParentApplicationContextAware An interface that allows objects to be aware of the Grails parent application context
PersistenceContextInterceptor A interface for a class to implement that will setup the persistent context before and after a Grails operation is invoked.

Class Summary
CommandLineResourceLoader Resource loader that loads locations starting with /WEB-INF from the Grails web-app directory
DevelopmentResourceLoader A ResourceLoader that allows files references like /WEB-INF/grails-app to be loaded from .
GrailsByteArrayResource Hacky version of the ByteArrayResource that implements the GrailsByteArrayResource.getURL() method, required for the resource to work with Spring's ServletContextResource.
MockFileResource A resource that mocks the behavior of a FileResource
MockResourceLoader A ResourceLoader that loads from the file system if its not found on the classpath.
MockStringResourceLoader A ResourceLoader that loads Resources from Strings that are registered as Mock resources
NullPersistentContextInterceptor A dummy persistence context interceptor that does nothing.
ResourceAwareTemplateEngine An abstract TemplateEngine that extends the default Groovy TemplateEngine (@see groovy.text.TemplateEngine) and provides the ability to create templates from the Spring Resource API
SoftThreadLocalMap Creates a InheritableThreadLocal with an intial value of a Map
StaticResourceLoader A ResourceLoader that loads resources from a statically defined base resource.
StaticResourceLoaderTests Tests for the StaticResourceLoader class

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