Interface VetoingConstraint

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AbstractVetoingConstraint, BlankConstraint, NullableConstraint

public interface VetoingConstraint
extends Constraint

Marker interface for vetoing constraint.

Vetoing constraints are those which might return 'true' from validateWithVetoing method to prevent any additional validation of the property. These constraints are proceeded before any other constraints, and validation continues only if no one of vetoing constraint hadn't vetoed.

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Method Summary
 boolean validateWithVetoing(Object target, Object propertyValue, Errors errors)
Methods inherited from interface org.codehaus.groovy.grails.validation.Constraint
getName, getPropertyName, setMessageSource, setOwningClass, setParameter, setPropertyName, supports, validate

Method Detail


boolean validateWithVetoing(Object target,
                            Object propertyValue,
                            Errors errors)

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