Package org.codehaus.groovy.grails.web.mapping

Interface Summary
UrlCreator A UrlCreator is a class whoes implementor is resonposible for creating URL patterns as Strings.
UrlMapping An interface that defines a URL mapping.
UrlMappingData Holds information about a parsed URL such as the tokens that make up the URL, The URLs (plural) that the UrLMapping logically maps to and so forth
UrlMappingEvaluator An interface that evaluates URL mapping from the given Spring Resource or class
UrlMappingInfo The UrlMappingInfo interface defines that data that was produced when matching a URI with a UrlMapping instance.
UrlMappingParser Parses a Grails URL mapping into a UrlMappingData object that holds various information about the mapping A Grails URL pattern is not a regex, but is an extension to the form defined by Apache Ant and used by Spring AntPathMatcher.
UrlMappingsHolder Main entry point of Grails URL mapping mechanism.

Class Summary
AbstractUrlMapping Abstract UrlMapping implementation that provides common basic functionality
DefaultUrlCreator The default implementation of the UrlCreator interface that constructs URLs in Grails default pattern of /controllerName/actionName/id
DefaultUrlMappingData Default implementating of the UrlMappingData interface.
DefaultUrlMappingEvaluator A UrlMapping evaluator that evaluates Groovy scripts that are in the form:

mappings { /$post/$year?

DefaultUrlMappingInfo A Class that implements the UrlMappingInfo interface and holds information established from a matched URL
DefaultUrlMappingParser A simple implementation of the UrlMappingParser interface.
DefaultUrlMappingsHolder The default implementation of the UrlMappingsHolder interface that takes a list of mappings and then sorts them according to their precdence rules as defined in the implementation of Comparable
RegexUrlMapping A UrlMapping implementation that takes a Grails URL pattern and turns it into a regex matcher so that URLs can be matched and information captured from the match.
ResponseCodeMappingData A mapping data for response codes (numbers)
ResponseCodeUrlMapping A Url mapping for http response codes
UrlMappingsHolderFactoryBean A FactoryBean for constructing the UrlMappingsHolder from the registered UrlMappings class within a GrailsApplication

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