Package org.codehaus.groovy.grails.web.servlet.mvc

Interface Summary
GrailsControllerHelper An interface for a helper class that processes Grails controller requests and responses
ParameterCreationListener A callback interface that is fired when the params object is created
TokenResponseHandler An interface used to invoke user code that handles double or invalid submits

Class Summary
AbstractTokenResponseHandler An abstract class that implements the behavior of wasInvoked in the TokenResponseHandler interface
GrailsHttpSession An adapter class that takes a regular HttpSession and allows you to access it like a Groovy map
GrailsParameterMap A parameter map class that allows mixing of request parameters and controller parameters.
GrailsUrlHandlerMapping Class that handles URL mapping for Grails
GrailsWebRequest A class the encapsulates a Grails request.
GrailsWebRequestFilter A filter that binds a GrailsWebRequest to the currently executing thread
SimpleGrailsController Base class for Grails controllers.
SimpleGrailsControllerHelper This is a helper class that does the main job of dealing with Grails web requests

Copyright (c) 2005-2009 The Grails project