Package org.codehaus.groovy.grails.web.util

Interface Summary
StreamCharBuffer.LazyInitializingWriter Interface for a Writer that gets initialized if it is used Can be used for passing in to "connectTo" method of StreamCharBuffer

Class Summary
BoundedCharsAsEncodedBytesCounter Counts chars encoded as bytes up to a certain limit (capacity of byte buffer).
DebugHttpSessionListener Simple implementation of the HttpListener interface that writes to standard out
GrailsPrintWriter PrintWriter implementation that doesn't have synchronization.
IncludedContent A class that represents some content that has been used in an include request
Log4jConfigListener A listener that will configure Log4j in WAR deployment using Grails Log4j DSL
StreamByteBuffer StreamByteBuffer is a in-memory buffer that provides OutputStream and InputStream interfaces This is more efficient than using ByteArrayOutputStream/ByteArrayInputStream This is not thread-safe, it is intended to be used by a single Thread.
StreamCharBuffer StreamCharBuffer is a multipurpose in-memory buffer.
StreamCharBuffer.ConnectedWriter Simple holder class for the connected writer
StreamCharBuffer.MultiOutputWriter delegates to several writers, used in "connectTo" mode.
StreamCharBuffer.StreamCharBufferChunk The data in the buffer is stored in a linked list of StreamCharBufferChunks.
StreamCharBuffer.StringChunk StringChunk is a wrapper for java.lang.String.
StreamCharBuffer.StringChunkGroup StringChunkGroup is related to a certain position in the StreamCharBufferChunk.
StringCharArrayAccessor Provides optimized access to java.lang.String internals - Optimized way of creating java.lang.String by reusing a char[] buffer - Optimized way of writing String to java.lang.String creation reusing a char[] buffer requires Java 1.5+ System property "stringchararrayaccessor.disabled" disables this hack.
WebUtils Utility methods to access commons objects and perform common web related functions for the internal framework

Enum Summary

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