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Deprecated API

      Abstract class that provides default implementation for isArgumentsMatch.
      Static singleton holder for the GrailsApplication instance.
      Holds a reference to the ConfigObject instance.
      Extends regular Groovy console and bootstraps Grails environment before launch to allow interaction with the Grails domain model.
      This is a dynamic property that instead of returning the closure sets a new proxy meta class for the scope of the call and invokes the closure itself which builds up a list of ConstrainedProperty instances.
      Implements the PluginMetaManager interface by parsing a set of plugin.xml files from the given set of resources.
      Adds support for running Grails JUnit Tests from Eclipse JUnit runner or even from the command line.
      General purpose Grails Configuration Utility for retieving configuration options with the ability to log warnings on type/constraint mismatch.
      @deprecated Use GrailsUtil instead.
      Copies resources from the source on content change and manages reloading if necessary.
      Holds references to all the Grails resource instances to support class reloading.
      Loads groovy files using Spring's IO abstraction.
      A factory bean that constructs the Grails ResourceLoader used to load Grails classes.
      Utility methods for working with Grails resources and URLs that represent artifacts within a Grails application.
      Methods to establish template names, paths and so on.
      A converter that converts domain classes, Maps, Lists, Arrays, POJOs and POGOs to JSON (Including nested Domain Classes)
      A converter that converts domain classes to XML (including nested Domain Classes)

Annotation Types
      @deprecated Use Validateable instead.

AbstractIvyDependencyManager#configureDependencyDescriptor(EnhancedDefaultDependencyDescriptor dependencyDescriptor, java.lang.String scope)
      @deprecated use registerDependency(String, EnhancedDefaultDependencyDescriptor)
AbstractIvyDependencyManager#configureDependencyDescriptor(EnhancedDefaultDependencyDescriptor dependencyDescriptor, java.lang.String scope, boolean pluginMode)
      @deprecated use registerDependency(String, EnhancedDefaultDependencyDescriptor) or registerPluginDependency(String EnhancedDefaultDependencyDescriptor)
      @return The GrailsApplication instance
ApplicationHolder#setApplication(GrailsApplication application)
      @param application The application to set
      Retrieve the ConfigObject.
      Returns the ConfigObject has a flattened map for easy access from Java in a properties file like way.
ConfigurationHolder#setConfig(groovy.util.ConfigObject newConfig)
      Sets the ConfigObject.
DefaultGrailsApplicationAttributes#getApplicationUri(javax.servlet.ServletRequest request)
      @deprecated Use instead
      @return EMPTY_SET until the method is removed
      @return EMPTY_SET until the method is removed
DefaultGrailsPlugin#doc(java.lang.String text)
      @deprecated Dynamic document generation no longer supported
      Restarts the container
      @deprecated Will be removed in a future version of Grails
      @deprecated Will be removed in a future version of Grails
GrailsApplicationFactoryBean#setGrailsResourceLoader(GrailsResourceLoader resourceLoader)
      @deprecated No longer used will be removed in a future release
GrailsBuildEventListener#event(java.lang.String eventName, java.util.List arguments)
      For backwards compatibility with _Events.groovy script
GrailsBuildEventListener#event(java.lang.String eventName)
      For backwards compatibility with _Events.groovy script
GrailsClassUtils#getClassNameRepresentation(java.lang.String name)
      Returns the class name representation of the given name
GrailsClassUtils#getLogicalName(java.lang.Class clazz, java.lang.String trailingName)
      Retrieves the logical name of the class without the trailing name
GrailsClassUtils#getLogicalName(java.lang.String name, java.lang.String trailingName)
      @deprecated Use GrailsNameUtils.getLogicalPropertyName instead.
GrailsClassUtils#getNameFromScript(java.lang.String scriptName)
      Calculates the class name from a script name in the form my-funk-grails-script
GrailsClassUtils#getNaturalName(java.lang.String name)
      Converts a property name into its natural language equivalent eg ('firstName' becomes 'First Name')
GrailsClassUtils#getPropertyName(java.lang.String name)
      Shorter version of getPropertyNameRepresentation
GrailsClassUtils#getPropertyNameRepresentation(java.lang.Class targetClass)
      Returns the property name equivalent for the specified class
GrailsClassUtils#getPropertyNameRepresentation(java.lang.String name)
      Returns the property name representation of the given name
GrailsClassUtils#getShortName(java.lang.Class targetClass)
      Returns the class name without the package prefix
GrailsClassUtils#getShortName(java.lang.String className)
      Returns the class name without the package prefix
      @deprecated This method is deprecated and will be removed in a future version of Grails
      @deprecated This method is deprecated and will be removed in a future version of Grails
      Returns all of the persistant properties of the domain class
GrailsDomainConfigurationUtil#evaluateConstraints(java.lang.Object instance, GrailsDomainClassProperty properties, java.util.Map defaultConstraints)
      Evaluates the constraints closure to build the list of constraints
      When called this method checks for any changes to the plug-ins watched resources and reloads appropriately
GrailsPluginUtils#getLowerVersion(java.lang.String pluginVersion)
      Returns the lower version of a Grails version number expression in a plugin
GrailsPluginUtils#getPluginName(java.lang.Class clazz)
      Get the name of the a plugin for a particular class.
GrailsPluginUtils#getPluginVersion(java.lang.Class clazz)
      Get the version of the a plugin for a particular class.
GrailsPluginUtils#getUpperVersion(java.lang.String pluginVersion)
      Returns the upper version of a Grails version number expression in a plugin
GrailsPluginUtils#isValidVersion(java.lang.String pluginVersion, java.lang.String requiredVersion)
      Check if the required version is a valid for the given plugin version.
GrailsPluginUtils#isVersionGreaterThan(java.lang.String leftVersion, java.lang.String rightVersion)
      Returns true if rightVersion is greater than leftVersion
      Retrieves the current execution environment.
GrailsUtil#sanitize(java.lang.Throwable t)
GrailsUtil#writeSlurperResult(groovy.util.slurpersupport.GPathResult result, output)
      Writes out a GPathResult (i.e. the result of parsing XML using XmlSlurper) to the given writer.
IvyDependencyManager#serialize(def builder, boolean createRoot = true)
      Serializes the parsed dependencies using the given builder.
      Enables the ExpandoMetaClassCreationHandle with the registry.
MockUtils#mockCommandObject(java.lang.Class clazz)
      Mocks a command object class by adding a "validate()" method and errors-related methods, like "getErrors()" and "hasErrors()".
MockUtils#mockDomain(java.lang.Class clazz)
      Call this to mock the given domain class.
MockUtils#mockDomain(GrailsDomainClass dc, java.lang.Class clazz, java.util.List testInstances)
MockUtils#prepareForConstraintsTests(java.lang.Class clazz)
      Adds a validate() method to the given domain class that performs validation against the constraints and returns a map of errors.
MockUtils#prepareForConstraintsTests(java.lang.Class clazz, java.util.List testInstances)
      /*.properties") } }
PluginBuildSettings#getPluginSourceFiles( pluginDir)
      @deprecated Use getPluginSourceDirectories
      Retrieves the bound GrailsPluginManager that resides in the current Thread
      Retrieves the GrailsPluginManager bound to the current Thread
PluginManagerHolder#setPluginManager(GrailsPluginManager pluginManager)
      Bind the given GrailsPluginManager instance to the current Thread
      Reads the buffer to a char[].
      Reads the buffer to a String.

CommandLineHelper#CommandLineHelper( out)
      @deprecated Use no-args constructor
CommandLineHelper#CommandLineHelper( input, out)
      @deprecated Use no-args constructor
DefaultUrlMappingEvaluator#DefaultUrlMappingEvaluator(javax.servlet.ServletContext servletContext)
      @deprecated Used DefaultUrLMappingsEvaluator(ApplicationContext) instead
GrailsAwareInjectionOperation#GrailsAwareInjectionOperation(groovy.lang.GroovyResourceLoader resourceLoader, ClassInjector classInjectors)
      @deprecated Custom resource loader no longer supported
GroovyPagesTemplateEngine#GroovyPagesTemplateEngine(javax.servlet.ServletContext servletContext)
      @param servletContext The servlet context
RedirectDynamicMethod#RedirectDynamicMethod(org.springframework.context.ApplicationContext applicationContext)
      @param applicationContext The ApplicationContext

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