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Package org.codehaus.groovy.grails.web.pages


Interface Summary
GroovyPagesUriService Provides methods to lookup URIs of views and templates.

Class Summary
DefaultGroovyPagesUriService Provides services for resolving URIs.
FastStringPrintWriter Fast in-memory PrintWriter implementation.
FastStringWriter Java's default StringWriter uses a StringBuffer which is synchronized.
GSPResponseWriter NOTE: Based on work done by on the GSP standalone project (
GSPWriter A PrintWriter used in the generation of GSP pages that allows printing to the target output stream and maintains a record of the current line number during usage.
GroovyPage NOTE: Based on work done by on the GSP standalone project (

Base class for a GroovyPage (at the moment there is nothing in here but could be useful for providing utility methods etc.

GroovyPageBinding Script Binding that is used in GSP evaluation.
GroovyPageCompiler Used to compile GSP files into a specified target directory.
GroovyPageCompilerTask An Ant task used for compiling GSP sources.
GroovyPageMetaInfo Encapsulates the information necessary to describe a GSP.
GroovyPageParser NOTE: Based on work done by the GSP standalone project (
GroovyPageRequestBinding Script binding to be used as the top-level binding in GSP evaluation.
GroovyPageResourceLoader A StaticResourceLoader that loads GSPs from a local grails-app folder instead of from WEB-INF in development mode.
GroovyPageTemplate Knows how to make in instance of GroovyPageWritable.
GroovyPageUtils Methods to establish template names, paths and so on.
GroovyPagesServlet NOTE: Based on work done by on the GSP standalone project (
GroovyPagesTemplateEngine Based on (but not extending) the existing TemplateEngine implementations within Groovy.
GroovyPagesTemplateRenderer Service that provides the actual implementation to RenderTagLib's render tag.
GroovyPagesUriSupport Methods to establish template names, paths and so on.
SitemeshPreprocessor Adds GSP Sitemesh integration directly to compiled GSP.
TagLibraryLookup Looks up tag library instances.

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