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Address Lookup via ZP4

  • Authors: Aaron J. Zirbes
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compile "org.grails.plugins:address-lookup-zpfour:0.1.2"

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grails install-plugin address-lookup-zpfour

How to setup the ZP4 HTTP Server

Install ZP4

This guide does not cover installation of the ZP4 software, please refer to Semaphore's web site if you need help installing ZP4 from the DVD-ROM.

The INI file

The following is a sample INI file named C:HTTPSERVHTTPSERV.ini . You'll need to modify the clients section to make sure your Grails development and production servers can see this address. You may also want to register the ZP4 server in DNS so you can just call it something like .


[options] port=80 format=XML

[outputs] 1=Certified 2=Address (final) 3=Address line 2 (final) 4=Address leftovers 5=Barcode digits 6=City (final) 7=City (preferred) 8=Urbanization (final) 9=State (final) 10=ZIP (final) 11=Errors (binary) 12=Error numbers (detailed) 13=Error message

The Start-up Command

The following command will start up your HTTPSERV, you can create a shortcut with this command in it and put it in the Startup folder in the Start Menu if you wish. It needs to be run from the C:ZP4 folder.



You should now be able to fire up the ZP HTTP Server. You can test it by opening a web browser to the IP address or DNS name of the server. If it works, you should see a simple submit form.


If you wish to use the tags (you probably do), you'll need to add the following to the <head> section in your GSP file, or in the template GSP.

<g:javascript library="jquery"/>
<script type="text/javascript" src="${resource(file:'address-lookup-zp4.js', dir:'js', plugin:'address-lookup-zpfour')}" />


The docs are on github:

Provides address lookup service and tags so you can easily add address lookups to your web app if you have a ZP4 HTTPSERV service from Semaphore corp running on your network.

From their website:

ZP4 is a DVD-ROM containing United States addresses, ZIP + 4® codes, mail carrier route numbers, and other supplemental postal databases (all maintained by the Postal Service™), plus complete automatic CASS Certified™ address correction software for Windows computers.

This plugin assumes you already have a valid ZP4 DVD, and your Grails app abides by the license agreements: Only accessed by your company, only installed on one computer, etc…

For details, see:

To purchase ZP4, which is required by this plugin, please visit:

I, the author have no affiliation with Semaphore corp, other than that I am a satisfied paying customer. Their DVD is much more affortable than many similar products available on the market.