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Ajax Proxy Plugin

  • Tags: ajax, proxy
  • Latest: 0.1.1
  • Last Updated: 06 January 2012
  • Grails version: 1.3 > *
  • Authors: Sean Gilligan
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compile "org.grails.plugins:ajax-proxy:0.1.1"



Ajax Proxy Plugin (for cross-domain requests)


grails install-plugin ajax-proxy


Grails Ajax Proxy Plugin

Want to use some Ajax in your Grails application? Same Origin Policy getting in your way? Looking for a quick and easy solution?

For example, say you want to use the Google Translate API but either don't want to use JSONP or can't because you need to translate strings that are too long to include in the URL as query parameters.


grails install-plugin ajax-proxy

Add the following to grails-app/conf/Config.groovy :

plugins {
      proxy {
        proxyScheme = 'https://'
        proxyHost = ''
        proxyPort = '443'
        proxyPath = ''

Write your JavaScript to access Google Translate at the following URL on your server


(That's /proxy + the path on the destination server)

You're done.


Grails will process (e.g. turn a POST into a GET) and swallow the X-HTTP-Method-Override header. (It appears this is done by the HiddenHttpMethodFilter .)

To pass your forwarded requests through unchanged use X-Forward-HTTP-Method-Override , which will be forwarded as X-HTTP-Method-Override . (New in Version 0.1.2)

Source on GitHub

The source code is on GitHub:


Licensed under the terms of the Apache Software License 2.0

Proxy Servlet

The included ProxyServlet.Java file is from: (Also Apache 2.0 Licensed)