Apache Pivot Plugin for Grails

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Dependency :
compile ":apache-pivot-grails:1.0.5"
Custom repositories :
mavenRepo "http://grails.org/plugins"

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Apache Pivot plugin allows your Grails application to use Apache Pivot 2.x features on Server side, and (if enabled the JarDownloadServlet in web.xml) even to forward Pivot jars to Clients, to be able to use the same jars even in Applets and Java Web Start Applications.


Download the zip from the Download link (and follow links in the destination page), then install it, but note that the usual (old) way:

grails install-plugin  /path/to/plugin/(absolute or relative)/grails-apache-pivot-grails-<version>.zip

has been deprecated in Grails-2.0.x, so the new way is to add the following block in BuildConfig.groovy, under the plugins section (at the end of the file):

compile "pivot_stuff:apache-pivot-grails:<version>"
and copy the plugin zip under the webapp lib folder, then run grails clean , then grails compile , and the plugin should be installed.

In case of Errors during plugin installation, Set log level to 'warn' in BuildConfig.groovy to get more information, and retry. Instead of the compile it's possible even to use runtime, and in that case simply running a grails console should be enough.

One time installed, you can safely move in a backup folder or delete the plugin zip just copied, but if the project folder (under the user home folder) is deleted, the plugin should be reinstalled. Instead, running a grails war (with the plugin zip still under the lib folder) doesn't put it in the generated war, so should be safe even to keep it there.


This Plugin contains only "standard" Pivot jars (not Pivot dependencies) so they can be used at Server side in the Grails webapp.

But to simplify some things even at Client Side, the plugin provides some Servlets (which if needed have to be enabled by hand in web.xml, so in this case you have to do a "grails install-templates" before enabling them), for example to forward to client side even Pivot jars used at server side. Note that all Servlets here have been designed with Security in mind, so they (if/when enabled) have good and safe defaults. For all Configuration options of those Servlets please look at sample web.xml and related documentation in its project.

For detailed Usage Notes and other info, please look at documents here: Pivot-Stuff Wiki

A Sample Grails project with the plugin already installed and configured (as described in Usage Notes), with some additional jars and sample pages is available here: Pivot-Stuff Downloads

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