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compile ":arrested:1.35"

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Generates RESTful controllers for domain classes and maps them in UrlMappings, generates single-page AngularJS-based views, and provides simple token-based security


grails install-plugin arrested


The Arrested plugin is a framework that generates RESTful controllers for your GORM objects and maps them in your UrlMappings, generates AngularJS based views in the form a single page per domain entity, and finally it provides a simple token based security model.

AngularJs + RESTful = Arrested

Getting Started

You can watch this video to help understand what you are about to do

arrested website video

We need to set up a couple things before we get started generating your REST controllers and Angular views. Namely we need our User and Token Entities, a Security Filter that validates a token header field, and some base Angular js files that act as a DAO to your rest services.

To get started with arrested run:

grails create-arrested-app

To generate a domainClass run: (This will generate a domainClass please provide related objects for this domainClass before proceeding)

grails create-domain-class DomainClassName

From 1.12 controller/view generation can be done in one command:

grails arrested DomainClassName

pre 1.12 - generate Controller + Views:

To generate a REST controller run: (This will generate a Controller and put the appropriate configurations in UrlMapping to be RESTful)

grails create-arrested-controller DomainClassName

To generate views for your newly created REST controller run: (This will generate a index.gsp file in your views directory ie. /views/domainclassname/index.gsp; and the javascript files to interact with your REST controller. It's configured to use the security token and will pass a token on each request for data.)

grails create-arrested-view DomainClassName

From 1.12 you can sign up via web interface. To create a set of users try adding this to your BootStrap.groovy:

Creating a user at startup in your BootStrap:

import org.apache.shiro.crypto.hash.Sha256Hash import arrested.ArrestedToken import arrested.ArrestedUser class BootStrap { def init = { servletContext -> ArrestedUser user,user1 ArrestedToken token,token1 user = new ArrestedUser( username: "", passwordHash: new Sha256Hash("password").toHex(), dateCreated: new Date() ).save()

//Create tokens for users token = new ArrestedToken( token: 'token', valid: true, owner: ).save(flush: true) user.setToken( } def destroy = { } }

Configuration completed

For a sample site please visit testingarrested this project consists of a basic Books,Authors data modelling where Authors have many books. To log in

username: password: password


Nothing noticed / reported at the moment -

Version info:

1.13 :  il8n support added to controller responses, server responses are now being returned
to angularJS, error messages returned now in line with fields.

1.12: Issues reported and found in older grails with JSON parsing, and on going sign up issues. Both now fixed. tidy up of userController.js

1.11: Issue saving records, as String added to json.parse values of username, password, passwordConfirm within ArrestedUserController

1.10: Signup added, logout button added, il8n support added, html pages converted to gsp pages.

1.9: Basic AngularJS form validation added to master edit.html - numbers min/max validation string minSize/maxSize/pattern validations. Input types fixed so email validation now works. Form update/Save buttons disabled until form is valid. This now guides user to ensure good input is provided pre post.

1.8 : Should have tested 1.7 properly - whilst it worked in one field instance, bugs with multiElement. Now fixed

1.7 : edit.html constraints not working - now fixed, added extra sha256Password encryption to testUnit for controller

1.6 : Fixed issue with applications that use dashes in its naming. This was due to var in index.js adopting the dashes and breaking javascript. Added extra autocomplete="off" to login form, a limitation in where browser saved passwords auto complete does not work well with this technology. In order to successfully log in, user must fill in username and password, now a requirement.

1.5 : changed static/Views to Views - this caused issued on 2.3.7+, removed serverHost change resource to a dynamic call within service.js

1.4 : Minor changes to edit.html renderManyToOne : substring lastIndexOf . to end (this fixes relationship issue, may be needed in other calls, further tests needed)

1.3 : Changes made to ArrestedUser & Token so they default to arrested package - this now fixes unit tests for newly created controllers, added serverURL config override.

1.2 : Fixed some minor issues with uppercase Scripts to scripts etc.