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Broadleaf Grails Plugin

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compile "org.grails.plugins:broadleaf:0.3.SNAPSHOT"
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Broadleaf Commerce is an enterprise eCommerce framework built on Spring and JPA/Hibernate. Broadleaf Commerce provides an entire suite of eCommerce functionality including, but not limited to, a shopping cart, pricing engine, checkout workflow, flexible fulfillment groups, rules-based offers and promotions, and content management with rules-based targeted content. Broadleaf Commerce is completely extensible, allowing you to override and extend the framework with custom entities and business logic as you see fit. Broadleaf Commerce does not prescribe a UI, so any number of user interfaces can be used. This plugin allows Broadleaf Commerce to be extended and deployed as a Grails application. In particular, Broadleaf provides a complex merge process, which merges multiple Spring application context files together to override and extend default Broadleaf components and behavior. Grails has some similar override functionality. This plugin allows Broadleaf's unique merge process and configuration paradigm to be incorporated into a Grails application and lifecycle, allowing a Grails developer to extend Broadleaf's JPA domain with GORM components, extend Broadleaf's service layer with Grails services, and expose this functionality through Grails controllers and GSPs.


grails install-plugin broadleaf

There is some additional configuration required to use this plugin. Instructions will be published soon.