Astyanax Cassandra Client

  • Tags: persistence, nosql, cassandra
  • Latest: 0.4.5
  • Last Updated: 02 December 2013
  • Grails version: 2.0.0 > *
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compile ":cassandra-astyanax:0.4.5"

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This plugin exposes the Astyanax Cassandra client as a Grails service and adds dynamic methods to make using it from Groovy more convenient. It also implements the interface defined by the cassandra-orm plugin that provides GORM-like dynamic methods for storing Groovy objects and relationships in Cassandra. Note that this plugin does not implement the GORM API.


grails install-plugin cassandra-astyanax


The Cassandra Astyanax Plugin simplifies integration of the Netflix developed Astyanax Cassandra client into a Grails application. In addition to encapsulating the client into a Grails service the plugin adds several dynamic methods that make using the client from the Groovy language more convenient for typical use cases.