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  • Latest: 1.0RC1
  • Last Updated: 01 January 2010
  • Grails version: 1.3.7
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compile "org.grails.plugins:events-calendar:1.0RC1"

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grails install-plugin events-calendar



This plugin helps to develop applications with calendar capabilities. This includes:
  • creation of calendars with customised colors
  • creation of events dragging on the calendar (in the month, week and day views)
  • update the event when resized or drag&droped on the calendar view
  • basic ical export
  • json export


grails install-plugin events-calendar
not yet ready, now install it from the git repository: grails install-plugin

It depends on jquery, jquery-ui, and full-calendar plugins


Two Domain classes are created: 'Calendar' and 'Event'. Once the plugin installed and the server fired up go to url: http://myserver:port/yourapp/calendar (most likely http://localhost:8080/yourapp/calendar will work) for a list of calendars

You can of course create calendars and then create events by dragging/clicking on the calendar display. So far modifying events by dragging is experimental

If you want to connect (in read only mode) to your favorite calendar using ical standard, use the following link: http://myserver:port/yourapp/calendar/ical/${your_calendar_id}

For json connection (like a basic REST get for events) , use the following link: http://myserver:port/yourapp/calendar/json/${your_calendar_id}?start= <number of seconds from 01-01-1970>&end=<number of seconds from 01-01-1970> You'll get the events between "start" and "end" dates in json format following the fullcalendar schema:

If no end or/and start are provided it returns by default the events between roughly 30 days before and 30 days after the date of the request.

Usually "new java.util.Date().getTime()/1000" provides a good start as for "start" and "end" values


Follow the project

Follow the progress of the project:

Fork the project or open an issue ticket:

Try the proof-of-concept application: | source

Details of the Domain Classes

  • name
  • color (examples: white, black, red, #ff65a9)
  • textColor (examples: white, black, red, #ff65a9)
  • hasMany events: sorted set of events
Event, Comparable using 'startDate':
  • summary
  • startDate
  • endDate
  • allDay (default false)
  • location
  • description (max 9092 chars)
  • belongsTo Calendar