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Foursquare Plugin

  • Tags: social
  • Latest: 0.1
  • Last Updated: 09 October 2012
  • Grails version: 2.0 > *
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compile "org.grails.plugins:foursquare:0.1"

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A plugin to use foursquare APIs in grails application which provides feature to query foursquare and get result in the form of custom built and highly enriched Objects.


grails install-plugin foursquare


The plugin helps us to search location/venues on foursquare and related venues near that place using foursquare API. It helps to get the checkins, people, photos, tips, user comments/reviews about a venue. It can search/retrieve profile info of user, create new checkins, comment etc.

This plugin serves as grails wrapper over the existing foursquare API. The plugin provides utilities that provide more rich and coherent experience while interacting with the Foursquare API. Using this plugin to access the Foursquare API you get Custom Built and highly enriched Objects as compared to the traditional API calls than return some JSON content.


#. Search nearby locations/venue over foursquare.

#. Search venues based on latitude & longitude.

#. Search venues based on address.

#. Get complete details for a venue like categories, checkis, tips, pictures, contact, website, tips, tags.

#. Search users on foursquare based on their name, email, twitter-id, phone.

#. Retrieve the checking done by a user.

#. Retrieve friends of any user.

#. Get a Checkin detail.

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