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Full Calendar

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  • Last Updated: 09 June 2011
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compile "org.grails.plugins:full-calendar:"




grails install-plugin full-calendar


Adam Shaw has written a full page javascript calendar component using jQuery: See the page above and the Screenshots tab for more.


Add the following tag to the head to include the fullcalendar javascript and css, as well as jquery and jquery-ui resources.


To use the unminimised version of fullcalendar.js add the debug option:

<fullcal:resources debug="true"/>

Then you can either use the javascript directly in the page, as specified at

$(document).ready(function() {

// page is now ready, initialize the calendar...

$('#calendar').fullCalendar({ // put your options and callbacks here })


Or there is a very simple tag to output the javascript above, with the body of the tag being output into the 'put your options and callbacks here' line above:

<fullcal:calendar id="cal">
    header: { left: "", center: "", right: "prev, today, next" },
    columnFormat: { week: 'ddd d/M' },
    timeFormat: 'HH:mm{ - HH:mm}'

There is comprehensive documentation about all the available options at

If you check out the plugin source from and run it with

grails run-app
there's a demo page at http://localhost:8080/full-calendar/index.gsp showing some of the javascript options in action - such as how to add events, which is not initially obvious.