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Grails Flyway 2 Plugin

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compile "org.grails.plugins:gflyway2:0.4.1"

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Adds support for Flyway 2


grails install-plugin gflyway2

You need to modify Config.groovy configuration file by adding in section log4j next code:

appenders {
    console name: 'stdout', layout: pattern(conversionPattern: '%m%n')
info 'org.flywaydb'


By default you should put your sql file into this folder: grails-app/conf/db/migration/

It's possible to configure Flyway using Config.groovy. The code below show you which variables are availables.

grails.plugins.gflyway.initOnMigrate = true;
    grails.plugins.gflyway.schemas = "public"
    grails.plugins.gflyway.table = "schema_version"
    grails.plugins.gflyway.locations = "db/migration"
    grails.plugins.gflyway.encoding = "UTF-8"
    grails.plugins.gflyway.sqlMigrationPrefix = "V"
    grails.plugins.gflyway.sqlMigrationSuffix = ".sql"
    grails.plugins.gflyway.validationErrorMode = "FAIL"
    grails.plugins.gflyway.autoMigrate = true;

How to use

You must start in Grails console with 'flyway-' argument

Basic commands:

- flyway-clean (Drops all objects in the configured schemas)
- flyway-init	(Creates and initializes the metadata table)
- flyway-migrate (Migrates the database)
- flyway-validate	(Validates the applied migrations against the ones available on the classpath)
- flyway-info	(Prints the details and status information about all the migrations)
- flyway-repair (Repairs the metadata table after a failed migration)

original site:

Added a new command:

- flyway-combo (executes [clean, init, migrate] commands)