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Guard Plugin

  • Authors: Aaron Long
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test "org.grails.plugins:guard:2.1.0"

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Provides a way to run integration tests without having to repeatedly bootstrap the environment


Grails Guard

Guard provides a convenient way to run integration tests without having to suffer repetitive startup costs. Each time an integration test suite runs, the grails environment must be compiled and bootstrapped. For a large application, especially one with many domain objects, this can take over a minute just to run a single testcase. Over the course of several months this can lead to days of lost productivity just waiting for tests to run.

This plugin borrows from the similarly named Rails plugin (although it is more targeted at just running tests in this incarnation).

The plugin essentially runs the tests in a loop, detecting changes to both the application code and the test code. If a change is detected, the selected test(s) are re-run.



For Grails 2.4, please use version 2.1.x

For Grails 2.3, please use version 2.0.x

For Grails 2.0, 2.1, and 2.2, please continue to use version 1.0.7.

Release History

2.1.0 - Support for Grails 2.4

2.0.0 - Support for Grails 2.3

1.0.7 - Fix issue (#3) which killed guard if a testcase failed to compile

1.0.6 - Added support for Spock integration tests

1.0.5 - First public release