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Latitude Longitude Range calculator

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compile "org.grails.plugins:latlongcalc:0.1"

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Grails plugin which given a range a longitude and latitude value will retun min/max values of longitude and latitude


grails install-plugin latlongcalc


To wrap the plugin call into a service/taglib and call within your views refer to remotessh which has an example

Sample Controller call to this plugin:

import grails.plugin.latlongcalc.CalcLatLong

class LinkController {

def index() { }

def calcthis() { // This will calculate the min max values of a latlong value with a given range //CalcLatLong cl=new CalcLatLong(range,Longitude,Latitude)

CalcLatLong cl = new CalcLatLong() def values = cl.parse(30, 10.810547, 4.017699)

double lonmin = values.lonmin double lonmax = values.lonmax double latmin = values.latmin double latmax = values.latmax

println "LONMAX: $lonmax" println "LONMIN: $lonmin" println "LATMIN: $latmin" println "LATMAX: $latmax"

/*prints: LONGTMAX: 11.246400739097819 LONGTMIN: 10.37469326090218 LATMIN: 3.582916391304348 LATMAX: 4.452481608695653*/

/*Assuming you have a postcode domain which holds all postcodes and lat/long values + with above call + below query = All valid postcodes in that range

class PostCodes { String postcode double longitude double latitude }*/

def results = PostCodes.findAllByLongitudeBetweenAndLatitudeBetween(lonmin,lonmax,latmin,latmax) results.each { found -> output += found.postcode } } }