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LiquiBase Database Refactoring for Grails

  • Authors: Nathan Voxland
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compile "org.grails.plugins:liquibase:"




install-plugin liquibase


Integrates LiquiBase into Grails. LiquiBase is a database change tracking tool similar to ActiveRecord:Migration. Major functionality includes:
  • 34 Refactorings
  • Extensibility to create custom refactorings
  • update database to current version
  • rollback last X changes to database
  • rollback database changes to particular date/time
  • rollback database to "tag"
  • Stand-alone IDE and Eclipse plug-in
  • "Contexts" for including/excluding change sets to execute
  • Database diff report
  • Database diff changelog generation
  • Ability to create changelog to generate an existing database
  • Database change documentation generation
  • Ability to save SQL to be applied for approval by a DBA
  • DBMS Check, user check, and SQL check preconditions
  • Can split change log into multiple files for easier management
  • Support for 10 database systems