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N.A.D.D. Neutralizer

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  • Latest: 0.3
  • Last Updated: 27 April 2010
  • Grails version: 1.1 > *
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compile "org.grails.plugins:nadd-neutralizer:0.3"




grails install-plugin nadd-neutralizer


N.A.D.D Neutralizer decreases developer "latency" during grails builds.

All that fancy talk. Sheesh! This plugin will use text to speech to tell you when key events in your build are complete. So say you are like me with a project that takes several minutes to start after grails run-app. You can, guilt-free, go browse your favorite sites without worrying about getting caught up in something. When your app is up and running, this plugin announces on your speakers, "Application is running!"

Of course, it handles all all key events, not just run-app. One caveat, this only works on OS X and Linux with Festival right now. Patches for other operating systems and TTS systems are welcome at:

See: for the reasoning and details behind implementation.

(What is N.A.D.D? See Rands here:

LINUX INSTALLATION =================

First install the Festival TTS-engine.

For .deb based distribution (such as Debian,Ubuntu ad derivative) use:

sudo apt-get install festival

For .rpm based distribution (such as Fedora, RedHat EL, CentOS) use:

su -c "yum install festival"

By default Festival uses obsolete OSS-emulation (/dev/dsp) which happens to generate a "device is already busy" problem on some computers.

The fix for that is to run the following command from your home-directory:

printf ";use ALSAn(Parameter.set 'Audio_Method 'Audio_Command)n(Parameter.set 'Audio_Command "aplay -q -c 1 -t raw -f s16 -r $SR $FILE")n" > .festivalrc
This will create a festival run commands file used by Festival to use the correct sound emulation driver.

Finally, because not everyone on Linux will be able to use Festival, Add the environment variable: SPEECH_ENGINE=festival to your profile. This will tell the plugin that Festival is available.