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Grails Pjax Plugin

  • Tags: pjax, ajax
  • Latest: 0.0.9
  • Last Updated: 04 July 2015
  • Grails version: 2.0 > *
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compile "org.grails.plugins:pjax:0.0.9"

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Grails Pjax Plugin: more easy pjax in Grails.See more


grails install-plugin pjax


Grails Pjax Plugin Grails Pjax Plugin cloud help you use pjax in Grails.

The pjax function is enabled on a 'A' tag , a button and a form. see code in pjaxHeader.

What is Pjax?

Pjax is a jQuery plugin that uses ajax and pushState to deliver a fast browsing experience with real permalinks, page titles, and a working back button.

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First, the pjax function is enabled on a tag , a button and a form. see code as pjaxHeader showed.

  1. load resource: in a page or layout header add code:
<g:render template="/pjaxHeader" plugin="pjax"/>

this will load the jquery.pjax.js file and give the default usage of pjax as a standand ref .

2. config content page: put the code below in a pjax content file:

<meta name="layout" content="${request.isPjax?'':'main'}">

Change Log

[email protected]

Updated the jquery.pjax.js to version 1.7.0 Updated this file. more details comes up.

[email protected]

First publish of Grails Pjax Plugin.