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Pusher plugin

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  • Latest: 0.5
  • Last Updated: 08 May 2013
  • Grails version: 2.0.3 > *
  • Authors: Michael Pangopoulos
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runtime "org.grails.plugins:pusher:0.5"
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mavenRepo ""



Plugin for adding Pusher support into your application.


grails install-plugin pusher


Pusher plugin

This plugin is a wrapper for the Pusher Publisher API.

Source code available on Github. Collaborations are welcome :)


When installing the plugin, placeholders for your Pusher credentials are added to your Config.groovy file. Fill in the credentials: = ""
pusherapp.applicationId = ""
pusherapp.applicationKey = ""
pusherapp.applicationSecret = ""


The plugin provides this service to communicate with the Pusher API. Inject it in your artifacts declaring this attribute:

def pusherService

Call one of the two methods called "triggerPush" and pass channel name, event name and the message body (JSON as String) as parameters:

pusherService.triggerPush(channel, event, jsonData)

The second "triggerPush" method provides an additional parameter for the socket_id:

pusherService.triggerPush(channel, event, jsonData, socketId)

Helper method for generating authorization string required for private and presence channels:

pusherService.genAuthString(socketId, channel, userData)