Scala Plugin

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  • Latest : 0.10.3
  • Last Updated: 23 December 2013
  • Grails version : 2.2 > *
  • Authors : Sandro Martini, Vaclav Pech, Domingo Suarez Torres
  • License : Apache License 2.0
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Dependency :
compile ":scala:0.10.3"

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Compiles Scala sources located under src/scala and src/java before grails kicks in with the grails compilation



compile " :scala:<plugin-version>"


The scala plugin depends on Scala, and required artifacts will be downloaded automatically, since they are specified in the plugin's BuildConfig file.


This is a Scala plugin for Grails. This plugin allows you to compile Scala sources in the /src/java and /src/scala folders of your grails application.

Getting Started

This plugin runs the scala compiler on all sources in /src/java and /src/scala folders before grails invokes the groovyc compiler. Currently the scala code must not contain dependencies on groovy code or dependencies on java code outside the /src/java and /src/scala folders.

The scala plugin will download Scala artifacts automatically.


The BuildConfig.groovy file in /grails-app/conf/ folder of your application can be used to configure behavior of the scala plugin.
scala.src.encoding='UTF-8'  //Scala src file encoding, UTF-8 by default

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