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Database Driven Screen Builder

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compile "org.grails.plugins:screen-wiz:0.3"




grails install-plugin screen-wiz



This plugin allows a developer to assemble screens using meta-data that is stored in the database. Essentially it is a modular templating system for GSPs. Additionally, it can potentially allow an application's user to configure the applications screens at runtime. You can check out the screenshot which shows the process of "building" a screen. The best way to understand how the plugin actually works is by running the demo included with the plugin and perusing the demo code. You can access the demo after installing the plugin into your application by going to the following url… http://server:port/YourApp/screenWizDemo/list



This plugin introduces 3 domain classes.
  • ScreenArea - This encapsulates an area on the screen where the plugin will inject the specific items that make up the screen.
  • ScreenItem - These are the field items that relate to a property of a bean.
  • ScreenItemTemplate - These designate a snippet of GSP that will be used to display the related ScreenItem.
These domains relate to each other in the following way. A ScreenArea contains one or more ScreenItems that are each rendered to the screen through a related ScreenItemTemplate.


Included with this plugin are following tags:
  • <sw:screenArea/> An "outer" area that will be replaced with the referenced template.
  • <sw:screenItems/> An "inner" area embedded in the template referenced by the ScreenArea that will be iterated over for each ScreenItem referenced by the "outer" ScreenArea.
Note: This plugin has nothing to do with writing wizard-style interfaces. For that type of functionality, I would suggest looking at

Version History

  • 0.3 - Upgraded to Grails 1.1. Note that this version of the plugin is NOT at all backward compatible with the previous version (0.2)!
  • 0.2 - First usable version of plugin