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Shiro Protect Any Plugin

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compile "org.grails.plugins:shiro-protect-any:0.1.0"

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Allows to setup authentication for static resource calls against Apache Shiro.


compile ':shiro-protect-any:null'



This plugin is still work-in-progess. It is still untested and does not cover the full functionality of the Apache Shiro authentication process! Please have a look at the GitHub page for detailed information.


This grails plugin allows to require authentication for any non-controller URLs.

It was designed with the purpose of forcing authentication for the /monitoring URL of the JavaMelody Grails Plugin.

Getting Started

By default, the plugin does not apply any additional filter and therefore remains inactive. To activate the plugin, at least one URL must be provided within your Config_.

Configuration example:

_Require authentication for the JavaMelody page

security {
  shiro {
    // default shiro configuration
    redirectUrl = "/auth/unauthorized"

// now the actual plugin configuration shiroAnyProtector { // specify all non-controller URLs that shall require authentication urls = ["/monitoring"] } } }