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Torpedeiro SMS Gateway

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  • Latest: 0.1
  • Last Updated: 01 June 2011
  • Grails version: 1.3.0 > *
  • Authors: Marc Palmer
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compile "org.grails.plugins:sms:0.1"




grails install-plugin torpedeiro-sms



The Torpedeiro Grails Plugin provides services to access Torpedeiro HTTP/S API Torpedeiro is the world's leading SMS messaging provider offering simple and reliable SMS gateway connectivity to 663 networks in 201 countries.

Upon signing up, you will have a 10 FREE credits or equivalent to 10 FREE messages which you can use in testing the system. It also comes with a test route functionality which simulates sending process without worrying of any charges.

Enabling Test Route Service

You can simply enable Test Route in few easy steps.
  1. Login into your account. Click here
2. Navigate to Settings , select Test on the list box and then hit Save.


The plugin provides one Grails Service that you might want to inject into your own Controllers or Services

class YourController {
   def smsService


HTTP Status/Error Codes

The following list of error messages are generated by the Torpedeiro gateway during a validation phase before we accept the message andafter sending the message(s) to the SMS worldwide network.These error messages are sent back to your application, so it can take the most appropriated action.
  • 000 - Message sent to phone number (+) (message sent successfully)
  • 001 - Messages scheduled for delivery: total (+) (messages were scheduled for delivery and their status will be update upon the Carrier response)
  • 099 - Message sent via Test route. Message log is saved, but the balance won't be touched.
  • 100 - Authentication Failed
  • 101 - Invalid or missing parameters
  • 102 - Unknown username or password
  • 103 - Account disabled
  • 104 - IP Lockdown violation
  • 105 - Invalid destination address
  • 106 - Uncovered network (this network is not supported)
  • 107 - Empty message
  • 108 - Maximum message parts exceeded (The text message component of the message is greater than the permitted 160 characters (70 Unicode characters)
  • 109 - Cannot route message (This implies that the gateway is not currently routing messages to this network prefix. Please email [email protected] with the mobile number in question.)
  • 110 - Destination mobile number blocked (This number is not allowed to receive messages from us and has been put on our block list.)
  • 111 - No credit left
  • 112 - Email not verified yet (try resending the verification e-mail_
  • 113 - Sender parameter is larger than 12 characters
  • 201 - Failed
  • 202 - Expired
  • 203 - Blocked: This number has been blocked due to improper usage.
  • 301 - Unexpected error (Stop sending messages and contact the administrator)
For more information, please visit us on Torpdeiro SMS Gateway