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Grails plugin which provides 'Sexy Bookmarks'

  • Authors: Antony Jones
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compile "org.grails.plugins:social-sharing:1.0"



This plugin provides a tag library for inserting 'Sexy Bookmarks' into your application.


grails install-plugin social-sharing


The 100zakladok and bzzster services are currently broken. See the FAQ for more details.

What does it do?

This plugin adds Shareaholic's 'Sexy Bookmarks' to your application, which allows your users to easily share your content onto nearly 90 social bookmarking/social networking sites, and presents this functionality in a friendly, discreet, and modern format.

For more information, see:


Usage is easy, place the following tag in the head section of your page.

<social:initialise />

Then, add the following to your page:

<social:bookmarks permaLink="" />

Tag Parameters

Available parameters to the <social:bookmarks> tag are:

  • permaLink : The permanent link to your article (required)
  • title : The title of your article (required)
  • slogan : The scribbly red text above your bookmarks, to pick a different slogan, see the FAQ for options.
  • include : A comma-separated list of bookmarks to include, all others will be excluded.
  • exclude : A comma-separated list of bookmarks to exclude, all others (at least, those enabled in your Config.groovy) will be included.
  • teaser : A short 'teaser' for your article
  • yahooCategory : The yahoo category for your article (only used by yahoo)
  • yahooMediaType : The yahoo 'media type' (only used by yahoo)
  • summary : Like the teaser, but slightly longer.
  • siteName : Your site name
  • twitterCategory : The 'twittley' category (only used by twittley)
  • tags : Tags your URL falls under (only used by twittley)
  • from : The 'source' attribute (only used by LinkedIn)
Of course, that usage is very simplistic, and most people don't want all 87 different social bookmarking services in their application! Try restricting it to just the services you want as follows:

<social:bookmarks include="digg, linkedin, facebook" />

or, take most of the plugins but just exclude a few:

<social:bookmarks exclude="gmail, plaxo, springpad, virb, box" />


The best way to configure the service list though is via configuration. Put the following in your Config file:

sexy {
 bookmarks {
  enabled {
   yourservicename = 'true'
   yourotherservicename = 'false'

Where 'yourservicename' and 'yourotherservicename' are the names of the services you'd like to enable/disable. A full list is available in the FAQ.

To disable a service so it wont appear, use 'false', to enable it, use 'true'. You can use include="" and exclude="" in the social:bookmarks tag itself to override these values on a per-article basis.