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Spring Security ACL plugin Plugin Collection

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compile ":spring-security-acl:2.0-RC2"

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ACL support for the Spring Security plugin


grails install-plugin spring-security-acl


The ACL plugin adds Domain Object Security support to a Grails application that uses Spring Security. It depends on the Spring Security Core plugin. The core plugin and other extension plugins support restricting access to URLs via rules that include checking a user's authentication status, roles, etc. and the ACL plugin extends this by adding support for restricting access to individual domain class instances. The access can be very fine-grained and can define which actions can be taken on an object - these typically include Read, Create, Write, Delete, and Administer but you're free to define whatever actions you like.

To learn about using ACLs in Grails, you can follow this tutorial and in addition you can download and run a complete Grails application that uses the plugin. Installing and running the application are described here.

In addition to this document, you should read the Spring Security documentation here.

The official docs are here

Please report any issues in JIRA.