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Spring Social Core

  • Tags: social, oauth
  • Latest: 0.1.31
  • Last Updated: 22 November 2011
  • Grails version: 1.3.0 > *
  • Authors: Domingo Suarez Torres
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compile "org.grails.plugins:spring-social-core:0.1.31"

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Grails Spring Social is a plugin that allows you to connect your applications with Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) providers such as Facebook and Twitter. This plugin contains all the foundation for OAuth management.collaborators Matias Baglieri


grails install-plugin spring-social-core


Socialize your applications using the powerful Spring Social library quickly and easily. To get started, check out this showcase.

The official docs are here

This plugin used alone is practically useless, you need to use another plugins to use the API bindings

There are also several extension plugins that depend on the core plugin and extend it by adding functionality. These include:

The source code is located in GitHub