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Tcpmon Plugin

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compile "org.grails.plugins:tcpmon:0.1"

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Provides the TCPMon web service monitoring tool



runtime ':tcpmon:0.1'

to BuildConfig.groovy


Provides the TCPMon library and a script to run the tool. TCPMon is useful for testing web services since you can configure it to listen on a port and intercept requests for viewing, then forwarding the request to the real server.

For example if you are running a Grails application locally on port 8080, you can run

grails tcpmon

and it will listen on port 8888, forwarding requests to 8080. Change your clients to use port 8888 instead of 8080 and you can view the SOAP XML in the Swing ui.

You can override the default values for the listen port, target port and target host. Running

grails tcpmon

is the same as running

grails tcpmon --listen=8888 --target=8080 --host=localhost

so you could intercept a remote server with a tcpmon instance running on local port 9090 with

grails tcpmon --listen=9090 --target=80