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ULC Plugin

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compile "org.grails.plugins:ulc:0.3.6"




Grails plugin for the Canoo UltraLightClient (ULC) - core of the Canoo RIA Suite

The grails ulc plugin is hosted at github.

You will find latest updates, installation instructions, and additional information there.

Purpose and background information

The Grails ULC Plugin enables any Grails application to make use of Canoo RIA Suite as an alternative view and controller technology to present your domain model in a rich user interface. The ULC user interface shows the same appearance and capabilities as Swing while executing all application specific code on the server.

You can use the ULC views and controllers alongside any usual Grails views (GSPs) and controllers. You automatically share all objects.

Inside ULC controllers ("listeners" that is), you have have the exactly same capabilities as inside Grails controllers. You can access Domain classes, load and save them, and use any dynamic finder method.

ULC views and controllers may be written in either Java or Groovy.

When using Groovy you not only have access to all dynamic goodness of Grails, but you can also use the Groovy UlcBuilder analogous to using Groovy's SwingBuilder.