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viaboxx-dbmigrate: setup and migrate the database of your grails project

  • Authors: Roman Stumm
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compile "org.grails.plugins:viaboxx-dbmigrate:1.3.3"



This plugin is tested with grails 1.3.6.

Newer releases of the plugin available, but not published on codehaus anymore.

For newer releases of the plugin (for grails 1.3.x) and documentation, write to: [email protected]


grails install-plugin viaboxx-dbmigrate

For more information refer to the Wiki at


viaboxx-dbmigrate plugin based on agimatec-tools/dbmigrate.

Provides database setup, schema migration and schema check functionality, insert data with sql scripts or groovy scripts.

More documentation and examples can be found on:

This plugin is using he agimatec-tools/dbmigrate framework in form of a grails plugin.

How to use it?