version 1.1, approval status: PENDING, submitted by rosbitskyy 1 year ago

Declination Ukrainian Names patronymic surnames on cases


version 0.1, approval status: PENDING, submitted by frangarcia 9 months ago

Extending the core gorm constraints. Currently I have implemented only two constraints which are: - RGB color constraint, in which the String field should follow the format #RRGGBB - Json, in which the String field should be a valid json string. The idea is extending the plugin with new requests.


version 0.1, approval status: PENDING, submitted by Vahid 7 months ago

Grails websocket Multi select plugin, a secure way of interacting with multi domains. Messages sent from frontend socket connection to backend socket connection which produces JSON list and sends back only result set to frontend. At the moment it allows multi selection of primary/secondary, upon selection a simple websocket is sent from front end websocket connection to endpoint : which forwards the details to backend socket connected. Backend will process the results and send back information as JSON which updates the relevant divId with the values...


version 1.1.0, approval status: PENDING, submitted by s.doering 6 months ago

A simple but yet powerful migration plugin for Grails going a more lightweight direction than the standard "Grails Database Migration Plugin". This plugin leaves the database creation and update process in hibernates (more or less) skillful hands, but having an easy way to add, change, or delete data on applications startup. Need to access your services? No problem. Use them as you are used to it in Grails. Simply create a migration file for every feature / task / story / fairy tale you develop, put your changes there and on next startup the changes will be made – once. No need to maintain (and merge) a changes file.


version 0.1, approval status: PENDING, submitted by wasim 3 months ago

This plugin adds few custom methods to String class: 1. trunc() to truncate a string to some length. 2. ellipsis() to add "..." after the truncation. 3. clean() to clean the string content. It normalize all special characters and remove non-text inputs.


version 0.3.0, approval status: PENDING, submitted by mamsterla 2 months ago

This contains fixes for the plugin for Grails 2.4+ - ConfigurationHolder issues


version 0.1, approval status: PENDING, submitted by jeet.mp3 1 month ago

This plugin supports grails 2.4 + Ensure you have Redis installed and running on your machine. Clone the project and run grails maven-install to install on local machine. Now in any other grails application add a plugin entry: runtime ":spring-session:0.1" Your session wiil start persisting on Redis server


version 0.1, approval status: PENDING, submitted by fernando88to 2 weeks ago

Plugin do Grails que permite facilitar o trabalho com datas e competências.


version 0.1, approval status: PENDING, submitted by jamesr 1 week ago

Rate limiting service that ensures that some logic is limited to run 1 time every X milliseconds. E.g. a common usage might be: if (rateLimitService.limit(request.remoteAddr + request.remotePort, 1000)) { def result = [error:'too fast yo! '] respond result return } This does not try to do 'lockout'. Meaning after some number of attempts all requests matching limitBy will be dropped. If you want that, you could subclass (but should really look at server-based options). getStatus(String) would be useful there.