version 0.7, approval status: PENDING, submitted by Ivarpoiss 3 months ago

Estonian ID-card and Mobiil-ID authentication support for the Spring Security plugin.


version 0.2, approval status: PENDING, submitted by agastald 2 months ago

Adds a servlet as /eval for running arbitrary code on the server


version 0.1.0, approval status: PENDING, submitted by [email protected] 4 weeks ago

This allows a grails app to connect to any Chado schema and access features. Chado is a generic schema used by the biology research community: http://gmod.org/wiki/Chado_-_Getting_Started


version 0.1, approval status: PENDING, submitted by eminux 2 weeks ago

This plugin provide integration between grails 2.x and DWR 3.0 (http://directwebremoting.org/) for simplifying ajax call. In this first version, after plugin inclusion in the project, the user have to create a file dwr.xml in web-app/WEB-INF and insert into pages client side javascritp as descripted in dwr site. Next versions will provide automatic binding between grails object (I have to define which type of grails object) and js.