version: 1.0.0
approval status: APPROVED
source: https://github.com/jtsampson/G2Actuate
submitted by jtsampson 12 months ago

Provides a back port of some of Spring Boot Actuator capabilities for Grails 2 Applications. The following endpoints: * /beans Displays a complete list of all the Spring beans in your application. * /env Displays properties from the environment. * /health Displays health information. * /heapdump Performs a thread dump. * /info Displays arbitrary application info. * /loggers Shows and modifies the configuration of loggers in the application. * /mappings Displays a collated list of all url-mappings paths. * /metrics Shows ‘metrics’ information for the current application. * /shutdown (TODO) * /trace Displays trace information (by default the last 100 HTTP requests).

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