version: 1.2.0-cr3
approval status: APPROVED
submitted by jaetzold 1 year ago

A plugin for grails to include [the Common Reusable SHell (CRaSH)][1] ===================================================================== # Installation Just install the plugin with e.g. `grails install-plugin crash` to embed CRaSH into your grails application. It includes the ssh shell and by default listens on port 2000 with the username/password 'admin'. So make sure to change that for production! For general documentation on CRaSH visit the [CRaSH project website][1]. # Configuration To start up CRaSH, a spring bean named `crashSpringWebBootstrap` of type `SpringWebBootstrap` is defined. Its config properties can be set by assigning a map of config properties to `plugin.crash.config`, e.g.: plugin.crash.config = [ 'crash.ssh.port': 2001, 'crash.auth.simple.password': 'secretPassword' ] To include telnet support include the following dependency in your own BuildConfig: runtime '' # Grails specific usage There is an `evaluate` command available which takes a `String` as argument which is evaluated as a groovy script. This script has the [`GrailsApplication`][2] instance available as `grailsApplication` from which pretty much everything grails related should be accessible. [1]: [2]:

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