version: 0.1
approval status: APPROVED
source: https://github.com/cruzer45/spring-security-role-generator
submitted by cruzer45 5 years ago

Spring Security Role Generator ============================== This plugin facilitates easier implementation of the spring security core plugin\'s annotated controllers. It does this in two ways: 1. It provides a controller template that can be used during scaffolding. This controller comes preconfigured with CREATE VIEW EDIT and DELETE annotations for the given class. 2. To tie into the controller above a generate-roles script is provided that will generate the statements to create the roles for each class. For each class supplied it will generate a CREATE, VIEW, EDIT and DELETE role. You can generate for all classes by passing "*" as the parameter following the grails convention. generate-roles "*" generate-roles com.sample.MyClass You can then take the generated statements and add it to your bootstrap for example.

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