version: 0.3
approval status: REJECTED
source: https://github.com/agitlin/odata/
submitted by alex.gitlin 5 years ago

Grails Plugin for building Open Data Protocol-based table views on top of Twitter Bootstrap. kickstart-with-bootstrap plugin installation is a prerequisite for installing his plugin. This plugin lets you create metadata-driven table views of OData sources. See the sample Netflix and Northwind data tables that come with the code. Installation: 1) install kickstart-with-bootstrap plugin 2) run kickstart script 3) install odata plugin 4) (optional) add the following line to the init closure of your BootStrap.groovy: org.grails.plugin.odata.Table.addSamples() This should add two sample tables to your application. Use the supplied Table and Column controllers to change the views.

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