version: 0.1
approval status: REJECTED
source: https://anonymousme@bitbucket.org/anonymousme/federated-login
submitted by sapanparikh18 11 months ago

This plugin supports Google Federated login by providing a taglib like following Login with Google Example can be seen at http://easytha.com/user/login All the parameters listed at https://developers.google.com/accounts/docs/OpenID can be passed as attributes of the taglib. Taglib also assumes some default parameters to get a kick start. You can add calback_success and sessionTimeOut in your config.groovy as well as part of the taglib. attrs["openid.return_to"] = (attrs["openid.return_to"]?:grailsApplication.config.calback_success)+"?"+(attrs["callbackparams"]?:"") attrs["openid.realm"] = attrs["openid.realm"]?:grailsApplication.config.serverURL attrs["openid.ns.max_auth_age"] = attrs["openid.ns.max_auth_age"]?:grailsApplication.config.sessionTimeOut

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