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Gatein Portlets Plugin

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compile "org.grails.plugins:portlets-gatein:0.3"



Generate JSR-286 compliant portlet war to use it in GateIn portal 3.x. Based on original Grails portlets plugin.


grails install-plugin portlets-gatein


The plugin-aims to provide a simple way of deploying Grails portlets to GateIn 3.x Portal. It is based on Portlets Plugin but updated to work with Grails 1.3.7+ and spring-mvc-portlet 3.0.5.

Create portlet

Create an grails application

grails create-app GateInTest

Install portlets plug-in

grails install-plugin portlets-gatein

Create your portlet

grails create-portlet com.myself.MyFirst

You can edit your portlet file to change its visible name etc

vi grails-app/portlets/com/myself/MyFirstPortlet.goorvy

generate portles views

grails generate-portlet-views com.myself.MyFirst

Prepare war for Jboss/GateIn

The plug-in will do all the job for you. See and for additional info and on how to deploy a Grails application to Jboss 5.x

So just make you war and copy it in you deployment folder

grails prod war