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Redis Etag Plugin

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  • Latest: 1.2
  • Last Updated: 03 August 2015
  • Grails version: 2.0 > *
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Works in pair with the Grails cache-headers plugin, providing a solution to generate, store and retrieve ETag values in Redis, avoiding DB hits. Redis is thus used as a central cache for ETags, and the plugin can be used by multiple instances of the same application that will share the same "ETag repository". Read more

Dependency :
compile "org.grails.plugins:redis-etag:1.2"

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Redis Flexible Cache Plugin

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This plugin is an alternative to redis-cache-plugin. It gives the possibility to set the expire time in seconds for every cached key, and provides a service, annotations and injected methods to perform entry caching and eviction. The redis-plugin plugin also provides the possibility to set a TTL for a cached entry (using the provided @Memoize annotation), but it lacks the option to serialize any kind of Serializable objects (only object ids are cached and then hydrated from main DB). This means ... Read more

Dependency :
compile "org.grails.plugins:redis-flexible-cache:0.3.5"

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