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The Grails Plugin Collective is a group of volunteer developers who work as a group to maintain a selected subset of Grails plugins. The Collective keeps the plugins up-to-date with documentation, bug fixes, tests, and ensuring they work with new Grails releases. The Collective is not affiliated with VMWare. It seeks to improve the maintaned plugins but does not certify them, nor warrant their use in any way above any other plugin.


Maintained Plugins

The plugins have been selected on the general criteria of being, in the opinion of the Collective, the most useful, high quality and commonly-used plugins.
  • Plugin 1
  • Plugin 2


  • Luke Daley

Further info

Contributions and Procedure

Contributions to the maintained plugins from non-Collective members are also strongly encouraged. In fact, contribution to these plugins is easier than other plugins. This is because when the original plugin author is not contactable, the Plugin Collective can be consulted regarding proposed changes as a "sanity check". This gives encouragement to the contributer, with the reassurance that their changes are in fact improving and not breaking or compromising the plugin. We do politely ask that if you wish to commit code to one of the maintained plugins, that you run your changes/ideas by the collective first.

The collective acts as a democracy. It aims to operate with the least amount of bureaucracy possible.

It is envisioned that in the future, the Grails Plugin Collective will support the recognition of official membership (primarily for CVs).


The Collective is currently contactable via the Grails mailing list.