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Page: Maven Support, Version:2

The Grails artifacts are published directly to the Codehaus Maven repositories. The release repository is automatically synchronised with , so you don't need to configure it yourself unless you want to. However, if you want to try out the latest development version of Grails, then you will need to configure the snapshot repository.


Here is a list of the Grails artifacts that your Maven project can use:

grails-springMainly contains the Spring BeanBuilder and WebBeanBuilder.
grails-coreCore library for Grails applications. All Grails applications need this at least. You usually don't need to depend on it directly because all the feature artifacts depend on it (Web, Web Flow, GORM, etc.).
grails-cliEnables use of the Grails command line (i.e. grails .... )
grails-gormGORM - the Grails database access layer.
grails-webUsed to build standard Grails web applications, with controller, tag library, and GSP support.
grails-webflowGrails WebFlow library.
grails-crudGrails scaffolding library.
grails-testSupport classes for easier testing of controllers, web flows, tag libraries, and GSPs.

Optional dependencies

Your Grails projects may also need some extra dependencies that are not provided via the Grails artifacts.


log4j Default logging implementation for Grails


ehcache Hibernate second-level cache
ejb3-persistence Hibernate annotations
hibernate-annotations Hibernate annotations
hibernate-commons-annotations Hibernate annotations
hsqldb In-memory database for quickly getting started. Recommended.
oscache Default implementation for Hibernate second-level cache.


commons-fileupload Grails file upload support
jasper-compiler JSP with embedded Jetty
jasper-compiler-jdt JSP with embedded Jetty
jasper-runtime JSP with embedded Jetty
jetty "run-app" with embedded Jetty
jetty-util "run-app" with embedded Jetty
servlet-api "run-app" with embedded Jetty
start "run-app" with embedded Jetty
jetty-naming JNDI for embedded Jetty
jetty-plus JNDI for embedded Jetty

Installing and uploading artifacts

The Grails build has two targets for Maven-related activities:

  • maven-install - installs the current Grails artifacts to the local Maven repository
  • maven-deploy - uploads the current Grails artifacts to the Codehaus Maven repository
See the Codehaus Maven repository instructions for full details of how to set up repository uploads. Most of the work has already been done, but to perform the actual upload, you will need to add the following to your Maven settings (usually ~/.m2/settings.xml ):