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Grails Roadmap

Grails 1.2 "Bedivere"


The theme for this release is stability and upgrades to core components as well as the continued modularization of Grails core.


  • Spring 3.0 Support
  • Replace Jetty with Tomcat for default container
  • Standalone Groovy Server Pages (GSP)
  • Web Flow extracted into a plugin
  • Upgrade other key dependencies
  • Improvements to Plugin documentation generation
  • Precompilation of GSP
  • Incremental improvements to core

Target Date - August 2009

Grails 2.0 "Galahad"


Take modular development with plugins to the next level by allowing modular deployment with OSGi


  • Ability to package plugins as OSGi bundles
  • Ability for plugins to declartively declare dependencies
  • Generic security abstraction supported and implemented by different plugins
  • Ability to override sensible defaults for constraints, cache strategy etc.

Target Date - TBC

Grails Plugin Roadmap

In parallel to the releases the continued development of an extended set of core plugins to add new functionality to Grails.

JPA Plugin

A plugin to enable GORM like functionality without requiring Hibernate. May wait for the JPA 2.0 specification to reach final draft in order to allow criteria API usage.

JCR Plugin

A plugin to enable GORM like functionality backed onto a Java Content Repository (JCR)

Portlets Plugin

A plugin to allow deployment of Grails applications into a Portlet container.

Grails + Flex Integration

A plugin that builds on the upcoming Spring-Flex project to make integrating Flex with Grails easier.