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Page: STS 2.6.0 New and Noteworthy, Version:5

STS 2.6.0: New and Noteworthy

STS 2.6.0 includes Groovy 2.1.2. The new and noteworthy for the groovy tools is here (+).

  • There are no longer warnings produced in the grails project against source files coming from plugins.
  • Overriding the plugin install location (grails.project.plugins.dir) in a Grails project will now correctly be reflected in any linked source folders created for plugins
  • Support setting 'env' parameters for deploying Grails Apps on Tc server
There is now a property page for Grails App projects allowing the user to set the 'env' parameter used to deploy to the embedded Tc Server instance. Right-click on a Grails project and go to "Properties > Grails > Run On Server".

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  • UI support for setting System properties passed to Grails Commands
A preferences page under "Grails > Launch" has been added. It allows defining system properties that will be passed automatically to any Grails command executed from within STS.

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  • There is now a 'new Filters' menu entry alongside other Grails specific 'new wizard' menu items.
  • grails-app/util is automatically added as a source folder to the classpath of new Grails projects.
  • Assistance in reconfiguring projects after changing the default grails install
Problem: When the user configures a new default Grails install they will also have to reconfigure any existing projects that implicitly use the default install. Solution: When the workspace default is changed, STS will pop up a dialog offering the user the option to upgrade affected projects. {center} {center} If the user declines to upgrade the project, then the project configuration will be changed to explicitly use the non-default install.

GSP Support

Navigation to GSP definition - STS-1408 Pressing F3 or CTRL-Click on a GSP tag will now open the tag's definition. This will work for built-in tags as well as custom tags.

Content assist for g:def defined variables - STS-1491 After using the g:def tag to define a variable in your GSP file, this variable will now be available in scriptlets that are in the scope of the tag.